GGP Creative


For the past 10+ years, we have worked closely with business professionals to improve their brand and marketing strategies by developing and producing their campaign images.

We are proud to have helped many brands grow from startup to net positive within just a few months of implementing our strategies and utilizing our services.

  • Pro Headshots & Portraits

    Straight up shots best for, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Public Figures

  • Pro Editorial

    Top creative images showcasing personality or telling a story - perfect for brands, public figures, celebrities, and Influencers

  • Brand Campaign

    Best for local and national businesses such as fashion, health and beauty product lines, non profit organizations (rate includes travel and accommodations)

  • Destination: Campaigns & Special Events

    Ideal for corporate functions and red carpet styled events.

  • Video Content

    Best for presenting and promoting your brand, product, or movement

  • BTS Video

    Our exclusive behind-the-scenes videos provides a glimpse into top-quality processes, allowing audiences to see you / your team in action, giving an inside look at what it takes to bring visions to life.

  • Makeup Artist

    Best for Artists, Influencers, Professionals

  • Wardrobe Stylist

    Ideal for Professionals, Public Figures, Celebrities, and Influencers


please note

Our rates may vary depending on the scale and scope of your project.

We offer competitive rates for commercial projects, serving a variety of clients, including established local and national businesses, celebrities, and public figures.

Let's Get To Work!

We appreciate your high value in our productions, please contact the office for further details of interests.